Sunday, 29 May 2016

A very special birthday present.

What an emotional special birthday present that was made by Min from at the bottom of his heart! He wanted to surprise his girlfriend Miki on her birthday and arranged a video for her. Many people took part in this video in co-cooperation with Min. They were CCEB's teachers, classmates, Min and Miki's friends ..., some of them do not even live in Japan as they come from all over the world. I have watched the video several times and all I can say is "Lovely!".
Luckily, Min and Miki went to the same school while they were studying at CCEB which is known not only as a English school but also is as one big family. Their dream has become true !!! We love you.

Some more pictures which we took when we were studying together.

Best wishes to you my mates!

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